12a A/C Cool Refrigerant

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Emzone’s 12a A/C Cool Refrigerant is an environmentally friendly replacement alternative for ozone depleting R-12 and global warming R134a products.

It is non-toxic and non-ozone depleting. The 12a A/C Cool Refrigerant also contains high performance oil to improve system efficiency and Universal UV Dye to help with leak detection.

Comes with easy-fill trigger and gauge. Formulated to be a replacement for R134a and R12 substitutes in car, truck, tractor, and boat A/C systems.

Instructions for use:

1. Unscrew and remove trigger with hose from top of can.
2. Then remove white plastic safety seal from base of trigger and discard.
3. Re-install trigger on top of can by rotating in clockwise direction.
4. The base of the trigger will puncture the top of can and refrigerant can now be installed.
5. Connect charging hose to low side pressure service port and invert can.
6. With compressor off, install minimum charge.
7. After minimum charge is achieved, start compressor and turn system to maximum.
8. Add additional 12a as required to correct pressure. Do not overcharge system.
9. Remove charging hose and check system for leaks.
10. Apply 12a Refrigerant label on A/C system in visible area near service port.

Review regulations in your area. Recover any existing refrigerant into appropriate container. Do not mix refrigerants.