1/2″ Valve Recharge Hose (Brass) – 13″ / 33cm

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Emzone’s heavy duty Recharge Hose is suitable for all Emzone Refrigerant, Stop Leak and associated products.

The durable brass connectors ensure a safe and secure fit and includes R134a quick connect. Compatible with R-12 adaptors and A/C Retrofit Conversion Fittings (sold separately).

Instructions for use:

Always wear safety eyewear when servicing your air conditioning system.
USE ONLY on low side service port. DO NOT CONNECT to high side service port of system as this could result in serious injury.

1. Always connect to low side service port.
2. Refer to can for further instructions before using.
3. Connect tap end of hose to can and attach connector end to low side service port.
4. Ensure a secure fit at both ends of hose.
5. Turn hose tap clockwise to puncture top.
6. Turn hose tap counter-clockwise to begin flow of refrigerant.
7. Remove hose when finished and replace blue protective cap on service port.